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Greenlee County Tourism Council

We are so excited to be able to partner with The Greenlee County Tourism Council and present a check for $8,548 for the Art Depot that will be hosting a summer art camp.

The summer art camp for children, will consist of music, dance and art instruction. Art can be a language of understanding bringing wonder, expands knowledge, inspiring, besides help us to gain appreciation and respect for others. About sixty (60%) percent of our population is 18 to 64 years of age, our goal for them is to provide diverse art and cultural opportunities. For our aging, the Art Depot will provide access to lifelong learning. 

“The Art Depot’s mission of bringing a variety art forms to our rural community is meant to foster creativity, as well as promote learning, increase skills, and stimulate the local economy. Exposure to art and culture is an essential part of a well rounded education. It is our belief that Art is the Heart of Humanity. It promotes global understanding and appreciation. Art competitions and craft shows which the Art Depot will conduct are intended to stimulate the local economic growth. It gives our local artists a sustainable market. Art is therapeutic. It is a healthy positive outlet. By engaging in the creative process one gains confidence in ones own abilities. Exposure to art and culture is an essential part of a well rounded education.” -Ahmann

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