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Safford Downtown Association

We are honored to be able to partner with the Safford Downtown Association yet again and present them with a check for $150,000; the remaining funds needed to complete the Downtown Safford Theatre Project. 

“The Safford Theatre began as an open-air “Air Dome” Theatre in 1911, operated until 1975, and has remained dormant since. Since the back 2/3 of the building collapsed, we have now designed a versatile property that creates a more viable venue than just a movie theater. The 1/3 of the building that still exists is comprised of the façade, lobby, balcony, upstairs, restrooms, and the interior is being rebuilt to its 1936 movie house grandeur. The new center of the building consists of three-tiered outdoor patio areas covered with shade sails, with the north 1/3 of the building housing the enclosed stage area. 
The property will be programmed out with movies, performances, events, and concerts. Although we embrace the cultural and artistic benefits to the community, this venue is designed and managed to attract consumers to Downtown Safford primarily in the evenings to benefit the existing retail businesses and restaurants and attract more of them. Our purpose is to preserve and increase the number of jobs (689) and business (117) in downtown.” – Danny Smith.

This theatre has already improved so much since this project was started 2017; we can not wait to see it completely finished and open!

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