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Nalwoodi Denzhone Community

We are so excited to be able to partner and present a check to Nalwoodi Denzhone Community for $75,000.

“NDC is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization providing revitalization services to the San Carlos Apache children and families through creative and life transforming projects on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. The NDC Food Hub is a comprehensive initiative striving to provide education, demonstration, and implementation of community agricultural practices and production, community farmer’s market events, and business and life skills training for the local community. The entire San Carlos Reservation is considered a “Food Desert,” an area with limited access to affordable healthy food. The reservation has one grocery store which has a very limited supply of fresh and affordable produce. Besides the poverty and economic distress, SC also experiences high rates of violence and substance/alcohol abuse that mostly affect children and youth. The Nalwoodi Denzhone Life Center Food Hub aims to address both of these issues by increasing domestic consumption of fresh foods that will gradually improve the public health in the community, while giving youth a productive outlet by participating in our educational programs.” – Bryce Barnes

We can not wait to see all the amazing things you all are able to accomplish, keep up the great work!

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