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Bonita School & Community Track

We are so excited to be apart and watch this one unfold!

We have partnered with Bonita Elementary School by presenting a check for $28,450 to repair, re-coating, and mark their school and community track.

This multi-use track is the venue for a variety of school and community activities, serving all K-8 students in physical education classes and those students competing in extra-curricular athletics. It is open 24/7 to the community as an exercise site and for community events.

“Bonita Elementary IS our community center!” -Ed Houser

The track is used for Bonita Elementary’s physical education classes and extra-curricular athletics. It is also used by community members for quality-of-life exercise routines. It is the only safe exercise site in this rural setting. Annually, a local field day is held for the school and community honoring a boy who had muscular dystrophy and passed away while a student at Bonita. His parents set up a fund to help pay associated costs of holding the event, which is attended by the majority of our residents

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