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Church of New Beginnings

We are honored to be able to partner with the Church of New Beginnings by presenting them with a check for $19,670 to help The Repeat Boutique upgrade their heating and cooling systems. The volunteers and visitors to the Repeat Boutique need a comfortable place to work and see the available items. The building needs heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

The Repeat Boutique is an outreach to Greenlee and Graham Counties. Donations are dropped off at the Church of New Beginnings 24/7. They are moved into the intake room and then volunteers go through each item and categorize it. The Repeat Boutique has clothed families when they were not able to handle buying clothes for their growing children. New hires at the mine come here to get the work clothes that they need for their shift. When we have extra clothes, they are packed up and taken to the Safe House in Safford. We have people who need to do community service and part of their requirement is to help at the Repeat Boutique. Other volunteers are able to help these people to become strong community members. We have also had people come after a home fire to get clothes, blankets, and household items. While the Repeat Boutique is open on Mondays, people have come up at other times and the doors are opened to them to fulfill their needs.

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