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Safford City- Graham County Library

We had the amazing opportunity to award $23,434.00 to the Safford City- Graham County Library to help with their efforts and programs like ScienceCity, Coding Club, GED Testing, the subscription, and a public health nurse that would visit the library periodically to help individuals that need social services access them and to perform simple health care checks on patrons seeking them.

“As Graham County changes, library services and programs will adapt to the new world in which the community lives. While the library will still conduct in-person programs and services, with Covid-19 precautions in place when necessary to guarantee the health and safety of participants and staff, some programs will be offering online program options as well. Also, the pandemic has created a great need for a visiting nurse to assist our patrons with information about their health and social concerns and to detect any immediate health problems they may have.” – Victoria Silva

We want to thank you all for the amazing work you have done for our communities and continued to do during this pandemic, keep up the great work!

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