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Greenlee County

We were so excited to have the privilege to present a check for $15,000 to Greenlee County to help with their efforts in the 2020 Census!

“The Greenlee County Complete Count steering committee has held numerous public meetings, provided hundreds of flyers and handouts, purchased “Everyone Counts” pencils for Clifton, Duncan and the County and many other materials used to help bring attention to Census 2020. Our goal is a true complete count of all residents. From school programs (like Headstart, specialized funding for teachers, lunch programs, special education, Pell grants, and nutrition programs) to highway funds for roads, families in need to properly funding firefighters an accurate census has a tremendous impact on a town and the county in which it is located for the next 10 years. The safety net offered by several federal agencies relies upon census information. In order to become eligible Greenlee County and our Complete Count Partners must make every effort to reach all segments of our resident population so proper and adequate funding can be accessed during the next decade.” -Akos Kovach

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