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Safford High School Piano Lab

We had the honor of presenting a check for $20,514.95 to Safford Unified School District for a new piano lab.

Under the leadership of instructor, Chip Cheney, Safford High School plans to offer a new music elective; class piano. With the purchase of 17 pianos, Safford High School can offer a class piano course; the first of its kind in the school district. This program will be available to students in August, 2020. The lab will also enhance existing orchestra and choral music programs offered at Safford High.

“There are currently no opportunities for students to learn piano in school. Many Safford students have indicated interest in pursuing piano. Currently, the only way for students to learn piano in the Gila Valley is to pay for private lessons, which most Safford students cannot afford (68% free/reduced lunch). Through this high school elective, students will have a way to learn piano at school and enrich their performing arts education. This will also better position our students for entrance into college-level music programming. With a piano lab at the high school, orchestra and choir directors can also use the lab to enhance their students’ knowledge of music theory. Piano is versatile and a boon to the resume’ of music students.” -Chip Cheney

We can not wait to see the piano lab all set up and students enjoying, keep up the great work everyone!

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