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Graham County School Superintendent

We are proud to have been able to meet and support Graham and Greenlee County School Superintendents by presenting a check for $48,139.93 to help with this year’s Southeast Arizona Teachers’ Academy (SEATA).

 “We anticipate the New Teacher Coalition will serve up to 60 new teachers and principals; Math 20/20, up to 40 teachers;  SEATA will serve approximately 220 teachers/administrators. We believe support leads to teacher retention. By supporting teachers and encouraging community involvement through staff development opportunities, we hope our new teachers will become infused in the Gila Valley. We also expect an increased number of teachers to take a leadership role in SEATA. Our goal is to show an improvement in teacher retention over time. We have established a tracking system with our school superintendents which monitors teacher recruitment and retention data.” -Donna McGaughey

Every year this event is a huge success and we are honored to be able to be apart of it again this year! Thank you guys for all you do for our teachers and students!

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